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February 2018 Intermediate topic: Alterations!

Tango Tribe, 27 January 2018

Group classes meet the first four Tuesdays of each month. (When there’s a fifth Tuesday, we have a guided practice.) A new topic each month!

February Tuesdays INTERMEDIATE Class topic: Alterations – fun, dynamic changes of direction. (See Liz Diana and David Phillips discuss Alterations.)

Alterations – a hugely fun and useful maneuver. They are changes of direction from a rebound, and they make fun, dynamic moves for both leader and follower. They are also a good way to prime a partner sacada, and they are a practical tool for dancing in small spaces. With the dynamic feel of a colgada, they surprise and delight followers, and they are even fun for onlookers, “Wait! What just happened?” Over the month of February we’ll work on all the variants, as well as nice ways to flow into and out of them.

Join us on Tuesdays in February to master this maneuver in all its possibilities.

February Tuesdays BEGINNER Class topic: Tango 1. Master the two fundamental movements of all Argentine tango, and begin working those into creative patterns.

No partner needed. Drop-ins welcome. Group discounts and scholarships available.

A full series of Beginner classes is four months: two of Tango, one of Vals, and one of Milonga

Please come early! We pack a lot of fun, learning, practice, coaching, information, and more into each lesson.

6:15 Intermediate

  • Students who complete four months of Beginner classes or test out with the instructor.
  • Intermediate students may attend the following Beginner class for free, and we urge you to help beginners in their progress.
  • Each month introduces figures that develop a theme. In addition to building your vocabulary, figures give a context for how to make tango movement successful, and a context for improvisational possibilities.

7:15 Beginner

  • A progressive series that takes you through two months of Tango, one month of Vals, and one month of Milonga.
  • You learn not only traditional patterns of tango, but also how to move, improvise, and create. You learn the codigos of the milonga (the social dance party). You learn about the history and music of tango.
  • All woven together in ways that make it fun, interesting, and accessible.

8:15 Guided Practice Hour

  • Free to every student that evening. $5 for visitors (FREE for First Class).

Drop-in attendance permitted. No contract or series requirement.

No partner required. (We rotate partners but don’t require it.)

Everybody learns both the leader and follower roles, because it helps everybody progress faster and farther.


Your first Tango Tribe class is FREE.

$12 a single class

$45 for five classes (= $9 a class) Discount package

$30 for five classes (= $6 a class) Half-price package
Special discount offered to those who buy at an Intro to Tango session, and to those who refer a new student, where both the current and new student may buy the half-price package.

Private lessons
$1 a minute, 15 minute minimum

Cash, Check, and Credit Card accepted.
Or PayPal.Me/TangoTribe

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