Melina & Detlef in Austin


We are sorry to announce the cancellation of this event scheduled for February 23-25.

A message from Melina . . .

Dear Austin Tangueros.

We have decided to cancel our workshops in Austin three weeks in advance.

Bookings so far have been slow and we are used to participants reserving their spots very much earlier. Our workshops in Boise, Philadelphia and Newport News have sold out or filled up nicely weeks in advance as did all workshops of our trip to the US last March.

Even though the classes might have filled up last minute, we are not willing to take the risk of generating high costs for our kind host David Phillips with little chance to cover them.

In case you were planning to book our classes, you will now have to travel to Europe. Or get some of the very few places left in Newport News or Philadelphia.

Hope to meet you some day!

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Melina Sedó & Detlef Engel are among the most influential teachers of close-embrace Argentine Tango in Europe. They authored CAMINAR ABRAZADOS: Tango is walking in an embrace, an instructional book + DVD (see CaminarAbrazados) based on their 14 years of teaching in Europe and the USA. They teach a 100-hour international Tango Teacher Training attended by dancers from across Europe and the USA.

For Melina & Detlef’s the highest value in the dance is in the embrace, the connection between partners. They emphasize a style of dancing that is both close and creative in its simplicity.

Learn more about Melina & Detlef at TangoDeSalon and on Facebook page tangodesalon.

LIMITED to twelve couples, so that everyone receives personal attention.


Because Melina & Detlef work on a deep technique level for how best to communicate our dance language, the workshop sessions are suitable for ALL LEVELS.

You will have a more satisfying time partnering with someone at or above your level. Therefore, we desire COUPLES to attend as partners.
For this reason we have provided very favorable package for couples who pre-pay. Please see below under shopping.

SCHEDULE (see below for descriptions)

Friday, February 23, 7:00 – 9:00 pm: Caminar Abrazados
Saturday, February 24, 1:00 – 5:30 pm: Linear and turned ochos
Sunday, February 25, 1:00 – 5:30 pm: Cadencia


Caminar Abrazados book cover

Caminar Abrazados – Walking in an embrace (2 h on Friday evening) Tango is walking. During our signature workshop, we’ll work on different aspects of the movement: an appropriate inner and outer posture, dissociation, relaxation, changing the length of your steps and one the most important factor of well-being – the embrace. This class serves as an introduction to our system and is highly recommended to anyone who will participate in another workshop with us. For those, who already know us, it will be the perfect refresher and an opportunity to tune-in with your body and partner. An important class for all levels.

Linear and turned ochos (4 h + 30 min break on Saturday afternoon) In this intensive workshop, we will examine the technique and variation of simple milonguero-ochos and ochos with pivots, first dancing them as linear movements and then turning the moves. This class will clean up your technique, enhance your repertoire and help you to navigate on crowded dance floors. Be prepared for a fun class with challenges for dancers of all levels.

Cadencia – Dancing the musical phrases (4 h + 30 min break on Sunday afternoon) A special class on musical phrasing and on different ways to express the suspension at its end, the “cadencia,” as it is called. In the course of the workshop, we are going to examine regularly and irregularly phrased tangos as well as other typical endings of phrases for different orchestras.

This workshop links repertoire with musicality. It will harmonize your movements with the “breathing” melodies and even make you feel more connected to the other dancers in la ronda.