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A semi-circular tableau on a cobblestone street in front of a stone building with a large air vent grating in the center. Eleven men, all in suits. At the left edge a couple of men are in a dance embrace, and the man in the leader position has a bow tie. At the right edge another couple of men in a dance embrace. A young bandoneon player is seated in the middle, with the instrument in a wavy curve near full extent. At his left a couple of men stand, looking on. At his right, four men are seated. Two of those men appear to be taking a photo or film.
Tango between men in Buenos Aires. (Archivo General de la Nación, Argentina, December 2012)

When I began my study of Argentine tango some years ago I was struck by many impressions. The warmly welcoming Austin tango community made me feel as if I’d found a nice home for my dance expression. That was a good and helpful thing, because there were certainly trying challenges to understanding the art form and developing some skills for it, then growing an ability for creative expression.

I became obsessed, taking classes with all the teachers in Austin, taking every workshop with masters who visited Austin, traveling around the country for festivals and workshops, traveling to Buenos Aires for classes and steeping in the culture of the birthplace of Argentine tango.

In that journey of many lessons and many milongas, I saw such a variety of teaching styles and results. It caused me to reflect on not only the tango dance itself, but also the whole field of learning and teaching a skill. I wanted to maximize my results for myself, and as time went on I began to realize that I was learning things and developing ideas – or rediscovering valuable old ideas – that everyone could benefit from.

That’s why I am offering my services to help others discover and improve their Argentine tango journey.

Argentine tango private lessons at a studio location convenient to south Austin neighborhoods. Barton Creek, Barton Hills, Bee Cave, Circle C, Davenport Ranch, Lost Creek, Manchaca, Maple Run, Oak Hill, Rob Roy, Rollingwood, South Lamar, Sunset Valley, Village at Western Oaks, Westgate, West Lake Hills.

First lesson free.

$40 per hourly session. 10% discount for five or more.

Email or call 512-917-6488.

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