Joaquín Amenábar: Tango – Let’s Dance to the Music

Joaquín Amenábar from Buenos Aires

Master Musician ~ Dancer ~ Composer ~ Professor ~ Orquesta Leader


Suitable for all ability levels. Suitable for all Followers and Leaders. No partner necessary. For much of the workshop you will be dancing solo. For the partner dancing the gender balance is insignificant. These workshops are about how you listen to the music and express it. Dance and practice to live bandoneón music as well as recorded music. Musicality Class #1: Tango Rhythm Friday July 28, 7:30 – 8:45 pm Essential units of Tango rhythm, basic Musical components. Recognizing the basic musical components of Tango rhythm and adapting our dance to them. Musicality Class #2: Melody as a rhythmic element Saturday July 29, Noon – 1:15 pm Rhythms that Stretch and Sing. As Tango evolved from Milonga into modern Tango, the melody became the main rhythmic element. How do we dance tango melodies? Musicality Class #3: Argentinian Vals Saturday July 29, 1:45 – 3:00 pm The main rhythmic units in Vals are quite different than in Tango. Understand the differences and use them to the maximum while dancing! Musicality Class #4: Milonga Rhythm and dancing the melody in milonga Sunday July 30, Noon – 1:15 pm Options for single and double time. The main rhythmic units in Milonga are quite different than in Tango. Understand the differences and use them to the maximum while dancing! Musicality Class #5: Improvisation Sunday July 30, 1:45 – 3:00 pm Musical expressiveness, improvisation across the tanda. Apply all you’ve learned in previous classes in real-time dancing, analyzing each tango and improvising its distinct rhythms.


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Cover image for the book TANGO! - LET'S DANCE TO THE MUSIC. Shows a cartoon man dressed in a blue suit dancing with a pink treble clef woman.
Tango – Let’s Dance to the Music
The man who wrote the book on tango musicality! Bandoneón player Joaquín Amenábar undertakes concert performances and is the director of the tango orchestra Örquesta Tipica de la Guardia Vieja”. He is professor of Bandoneón at the City of Buenos Aires Higher Conservatory of Music, at the University of Buenos Aires Lopez Buchardo National Conservatory, and at the Avellaneda School of Folk Music. Having danced tango since 1994, he has taught Tango music–as applied to dance–to dancers without a musical education since 1998. He has run courses in Germany, England, Italy, Austria, Turkey, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, amongst other countries. You may demo the complete “Chapter 8: Dialogue between different melodies”, including the music, by clicking here. You may click here to download or play some of Professor Amenábar’s music. Tango Commuter wrote a beautifully detailed review of a Joaguín Amenábar workshop, and observed, “In fact, these are subtleties in the music that casual listening, or casual dancing, would probably ignore, but if you can pick them out and respond to them then a simple basic dance can become full of interest, even just walking and using the simplest steps.” Click for full review.

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