Workshops with Gastón

Gastón Enrique Olguin

Two workshops with Gastón Enrique Olguin of Buenos Aires
Saturday, April 13, 2019
Tango Tribe

Walking and Pivoting — the basis of Argentine tango

2:15-3:30. “A walk to Pugliese”, cadencia of the step, dynamic and long. Body awareness and connection.

3:45-5:00. Feeling the line of the dissociation. How to make pivots holding the body.

Pay at the door. Cash, check, credit. $20 each or $35 for both. Come early to pay and practice. We’ll be open at 1:30. You can also conveniently prepay here:

Gastón will also give private lessons April 4-17, and you can schedule those here.

On April 7th Gastón will DJ the Poojah’s Pop-Up Practilonga with Guardia Vieja.

Gastón teaches in a way that promotes awareness of body structure and function as a foundation for natural, efficient, and graceful movement. He teaches tango in his native Buenos Aires, and has taught and performed in the UK, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Germany and Italy.

I like learning from Gastón for his exercises that illuminate and strengthen natural body movement for elegant, efficient tango. I like his Villa Urquiza style of dancing, and I like his positive way of encouraging the best from everyone.

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