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Last revised: 2023-04-21

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Disclaimer and waiver

By registering to use this website, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all of the disclaimers on this page and you waive any and all rights to recover damages based on using any advice or information on this website.

Health and safety

You may use these lessons provided that you are fit and well enough to participate and do so in a safe environment. We accept no responsibility for any injury that may result from using this material.

All activities and exercises in the Game of Argentine Tango are optional for each individual participant. You, in consultation with your doctor, have the most knowledge and are the best judge of what you can safely do with yourself. We may suggest ways to make things harder or easier, and it is up to you to do only what is appropriate for you.

Always make sure your practice area is clear of pets, breakables, sharp objects or corners, and tripping hazards. The Argentine tango challenges one's balance. Have a source of support available if you need it, such as a partner, wall, or heavy appliance or furniture.

We have zero professional licenses or credentials—not medical, legal, mental, or physical health. What we have are certificates for specialized dance classes and dance teaching accomplishments. That, plus a lot of enthusiasm for good practices in coaching.

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We provide links to websites freely available to the general public. These include links to helpful information, music, and performances of Argentine Tango.

None of the copyright holders for these link destinations endorse the Game of Argentine Tango.
(So far as we know. :-))

If you discover a link that is no longer reachable, we would be grateful if you could note that in the public Discussion section at the bottom of the page with that link or by private message to

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Good behavior

You may not use our site to post pornographic material, harassment, or spam. Act nicely. Take responsibility for your actions. We reserve the right to block or end the membership of anyone who abuses our site or members of our community.

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Lifetime access

“Lifetime access” products are available to the purchaser (or their assignee, as for a gift) for the life of the product.

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Privacy policy

We use your email address for: 1) account maintenance, 2) GoAT progress interaction, 3) blog articles, and 4) occasional marketing messages. You can unsubscribe at any time from all but account maintenance messages. (The Help page has this option.)

We will not sell or lend your account information to others. We may share information with affiliated providers for website maintenance, accounting, and mailing services.

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Any resemblance between the characters in the Game of Argentine Tango and real persons living or dead is intentional, and only to the extent that so many people have helped us along our journeys. We've learned from teachers, students, and partners, from writers of books and blogs, from videos, and all manner of other things.

If you see something of yourself in here, it may be because we seek to honor you for how you've helped us become better dancers, teachers, learners, or persons. If you see or read something that makes you cringe, that's all us. Or, it might make for an interesting discussion. Let us know! Every page of the GoAT has a public Discussion at the bottom, or you may send private messages to

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