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Warmup every day

Let's do a light, general warm-up daily to prepare for tango exploration and play.

What and why

A warm-up before practicing, learning, or performing prepares the body for work. It lubricates the joints and fascia as it wakes up the muscles. It also helps the mind turn away from day-to-day concerns, so it can tune into the body.

This everyday warm-up helps with postural alignment in the whole body. It makes a good start for any other warm-up session or challenge.

Video and transcript

English transcript

Transcripción en español


We live with our connection to the earth by gravity more than any other force, so we like to start from the ground up.

  • Heel raises
    • Unweighted option easier
    • Single-leg option harder
  • Heel raises without changing height

  • Shoulder-width heel swivels
  • Feet together, hips-only twists
  • Torso and head-only twists

  • Arm abductions

  • Leg extensions, front, side, back
  • Lunges, checking single-leg heel swivels

Are you aware of adjacent parts moving together as one instead of isolated movement? We can build our awareness by placing a hand on each adjacent part. Do the movement, and feel what has to happen in our body so that only one hand moves.

  • Something we can do every day, whether or not dancing, with or without music.
  • Something we can easily do while waiting on coffee, brushing our teeth, etc.


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