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Tango Tribe classes in Argentine tango
In convenient east Oak Hill with easy on/off access to Mopac and West Highways 290/71. Directions

Drop-in okay.
No partner, experience, or dance shoes needed.


** 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Beginners and Improvers **

Each month we teach the essentials of Argentine tango. Can you imagine this, all the intricacies you’ve seen on YouTube and TV come from just two types of movement? Movement across the floor (or in place) from one foot to the other—forward, backward, or sideways; and pivoting on a spot!

We teach “never-ever danced” to all levels of dancers, regular attendees and drop-ins, singles and couples.

Our style uses a fun, positive approach to learn and dance in ways that are clear, comfortable, creative— and dynamic!

Argentine tango is a highly improvisational dance, and we teach it that way, both improvising to meet individuals’ learning needs, and empowering dancers to move with style as well as creative improvisation.

** 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. The Austin Tango Lab **

  • Do you think you know improvisational possibilities of tango?
  • Do you think you lead-follow anything (everything) in a clear and comfortable way?
  • Do you like to explore?

On the way to earning the ProDVIDA certification (with high honors) in Argentine tango to the Platinum level, I learned every detail of leading and following 60 two-phrase figures (patterns). (The only other person in the U.S. at this time who shares this honor is my partner Liz Diana, who teaches at Austin Uptown Dance.)

But I have never wanted to dance in a way that required memorizing patterns or doing things in a particular sequence. The spirit that animates my dancing wants to weave responses to the music with any good possibilities present at each moment.

This is going to be a different class experience.

If you’re the only one who shows up for a Lab session, you essentially get a private lesson experience for the cost of a group class. If you’re part of a group, we will explore something interesting and challenging for everyone there, with options to suit each person’s experience level.

I advocate for clear, comfortable—and dynamic!—dancing. By the way, dynamic energy does not mean constant big or fast movement; it ranges from many moments of exquisite quiet slow or motionless energy, all the way up to powerful movements.

We want partners, whether leaders or followers, who move with clear, clean energy that opens up creative possibilities, and these Lab sessions will give experience, practice, and tools to recognize opportunities as they arise during the dance.


** 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Guided Práctica for all **

For all dancers, beginners to experts, for solo and partner practice. We play music played in tandas (groups of three or four songs) like at the Milonga social dance party. At the cortina (the break between tandas) David gives:

  • Ideas for what or how to practice;
  • Feedback on general-interest things observed; and
  • Answers to general-interest questions.

During the tandas David will be available to answer questions, give feedback, or record you in Coach’s Eye, a video analysis tool.

Directions to the Tango Tribe studio

Options and registration

You need not register or pay in advance (remember, first group class is free). If you can register/pay we would really appreciate you for that help!

Registration form

Single group class $15
Package of Five group classes $50 (expire in six months)

One-month “All You Can Dance” package. $69 
(Includes all classes and práctica, a value of up to $150.)
Add two private lessons at the discount rate to All You Can Dance $189 
Schedule at our mutual convenience during the month. Expires at the end of the month.

Private lessons can be scheduled at our mutual convenience, day, evening, and weekends.
Private lesson per hour, individual or couple $70
Package of Five “use any time” private lesson hours $300 (expire in 6 months)

Private lessons for groups can also be arranged.

Questions? Special needs? Contact me!
Email or 512.917.6488 (text-preferred)
Studio 512.350.2259 (unattended; please leave message)

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