Learning from Caminar Abrazados, workshop #1

David Phillips and Liz Diana bring a CAMINAR ABRAZADOS-based workshop to you. Melina Sedó and Detlef Engel – authors, dancers, and teachers – have set out a system of Argentine tango where the highest value in dancing is the embrace. They advocate a highly symmetrical, close embrace throughout, and a manner of moving that opens wide possibilities for improvisational creativity. This workshop is suitable for never-ever tango dancers, AND because Cross System and small space techniques serve ALL tango dancers so usefully, this workshop benefits intermediate and above dancers. In this workshop we will touch on many of the foundational elements for understanding the tango as a system of natural, highly functional movements. Why is the Cross System – unique to tango – so useful, and how can we access it anywhere in a simple way? We begin with warmup exercises that illustrate these principles. Then we guide specific explorations into the seemingly simple side step (and weight change, a “side step” in place), with all of its variations that give full access to parallel and cross system movements, linear and circular to either side of the embrace. The RESULT we want for YOU? * Have fun! * Gain a sense of greater sensitivity for the lead and follow, especially in small space. * Feel more confident of having expressive movements in a small space while keeping a good connection with your partner and with the music. We will meet in Studio 8, the front studio in BRAVO, across the parking lot from Práctica. $10. No registration required. More on the book and DVD:

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