Novice to Natural

Go from a never-ever danced Novice to a creative and comfortable Natural dancer of Argentine tango.

A two-month course of progressive classes that will get you to the milonga (the name for the Argentine tango social dance party) feeling comfortable and confident of enjoying creative, satisfying dancing, regardless of the level of your partner, whether leading or following.

$249 complete isn’t about all of this…

  • 8 weeks of classes
  • 2 Novice to Natural classes each week
    (We encourage taking both classes; we introduce new material every class.)
  • 2 guided practice periods (Optional, recommended) after class each week
  • 1 Tango Technique Workout (Optional, recommended) before one class each week
  • 4 30-minute private lessons for one-on-one attention
  • Outings with the teacher to Austin milongas

That’s the What, here’s the Why.

  • Having a weekly activity that progressively improves mind and body
  • Developing a close group of friends
  • Developing a new skill that you can use all across the U.S., all over the world.
  • Learning how to teach yourself and improve a skill.
  • Learning how to help others.
  • Becoming a member of a large, friendly community
  • Becoming a better person in the way we relate to others

Limited to the first 12 that sign up. We will need eight students for the course to make, so encourage your friends to sign up right away with you.

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Did you know that just TWO basic movement types make up all the richness possible with Argentine Tango? What about this? There are only THREE basic ways you can move with respect to your partner, and your partner has the same choices, and you can each start on the same or different legs.

At its heart — and our tango is a dance of the heart — we can learn tango from simple and basic principles of naturalistic movements that can become as complicated and beautiful, or simple and meaningful, as our spirit moves us. Tango Tribe teaching supports you every step of the way! How to appreciate the music (whatever kind of music you like) and express it in movement, how to move comfortably in close connection with another person, how to create variety and interest, and so much more.

(“Hugs!” a traditional closing)