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Private lessons with David Phillips

Please note: At the time of this writing in September 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic we no longer offer classes in person. We do, however, offer lessons via Zoom, and you might find yourself surprised by how effective they can be. Plus, the cost is less. Details at the bottom of this page.

David studies more than Argentine tango. He studies mind-body methods (such as NLP and Alexander Technique) that help produce understanding and results, and he studies best practices for teaching, coaching, and learning. He wants to help students understand Argentine tango, not merely dance it!

I like group classes because it motivates me to see how I compare with others, and I learn from both good and not as good examples. I like private lessons because I can focus on precisely what I want to accomplish and have personal attention.

Sometimes private classes can be your clearest, quickest way to work on exactly the results you want:

  • Exercises that apply best to your situation
  • Moves that most interest you
  • Personal, private advice
  • A catch-up for group classes

David’s studies of Argentine tango have included these specific teacher training courses:

  • Tomás Howlin, Tango-Learning 1 and 2, 2014, 2015
  • Minnesota Tango Teacher Camp, 2014, 2016
  • DanceAbility International Teacher Certification 2015
  • Caminar Abrazados International Tango Teacher Training in Saarbrücken, Germany 2016-2017
  • ProDVIDA Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each with High Honors 2016

“My approach is grounded in understanding fundamentals that produce Clear, Consistent, Comfortable, and Creative dancing. We can also work on all the figures you can imagine, always looking to make them successful on the social dance floor. Learn them not as figures to be memorized in one piece that rarely fits the music or the space as a whole, but as movement components that can be mixed and matched, where you can recognize how to fit pieces into different beginnings or endings.”

Private lessons can be scheduled at our mutual convenience, day, evening, and weekends. If you wish to pay in advance you may use these links.
Private lesson via Zoom $50/hour

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