Cherie W, 24 October 2018
Thank you for hosting Michelle’s class in your lovely new space. I can tell how much thought went into arranging the space, the colors, the artwork, shoe storage, seating, etc. And most important of all – the floors are amazing to dance on 🙂

Thanks again,

Oksana A, 18 March 2018

Well, good morning. My name is Oksana, and I’ve been taking private lessons with David Phillips at his new studio, Tango Tribe. And, let me tell you about my level. I’m sort of between beginner and intermediate, I think. So I still needs lots of help, both with technique and with my dance vocabulary, I would say.

And David has been most helpful. I really like taking lessons with him because, first of all, he’s very approachable, friendly, and encouraging. So I feel comfortable. He’s got lots of good images and little tools in his tool belt to explain the ideas. For example, today we’ve been working on just walking and making it more elegant and energetic, and for example an image he gave me is to step with my knees when I walk backwards, so, kind of pretend that I have feet on my knees.

And David has been taking lessons with many famous couples, and he’s eager to share this. And he has a very nice space and music and paintings; very inspiring environment. So come and check it out! It doesn’t hurt to try.

Mallika C, 23 February 2018
Love this studio. David is knowledgeable and breaks steps down and gives his students the attention they need. Friendly, encouraging environment and I’ve learned (and laughted) a lot by dancing with multiple partners.

Tina B, 23 February 2018
Hello Oak Hill Neighbors, There is a new dance studio in our neighborhood! David’s dance classes at Tango Tribe are fun and engaging. Last fall I took a course and enjoyed the chance to be active in a new way, both through work out dances, and social dances. The nice people you will meet and the classic Argentine dance music are bonuses. Come out enjoy dance, right here in our neighborhood.

Mal C, 8 February 2018
Had a great first (complimentary) class. David allowed us to learn by doing while guiding us in proper form and giving us individual attention, as needed. A very comfortable, friendly environment. We signed up for more!

Amy M, 5 February 2018
David is one of the most welcoming and passionate people I have met. He cultivates a professional and inviting atmosphere for community and growth. Bite a rose and tango!!

Raphael C, 10 August 2017
When I contacted David I couldn’t dance to save my life. I had planned a Christmas gift for a friend that I really liked and I knew she missed dancing tango, so I took a month of Tango lessons with David and surprised her with my newfound skills. David was great to learn from, he’s very patient, kind, and intuitive

Liz D, 10 August 2017
David is a very welcoming and warm soul. His passion for Tango is evident in the way he pursues his own training and in the way he loves to share the knowledge with others! He relishes the challenge of adapting his teaching to each individual & simplifying complex ideas to make the dance accessable to every level.

Shawn M, 29 August 2017
David’s new studio is superb. He paid close attention to every detail to provide a rich, authentic Tango experience. I look forward to continuing to come to his studio in Oak Hill. Highly recommend. David is an excellent coach with great enthusiasm for his classes.

Mary O, 18 July 2015
I highly recommend David’s approach to teaching Argentine Tango. He is a very intuitive teacher, quickly assessing the student’s skill level. He has a very calm, patient and easygoing manner that put me at ease. Argentine Tango is his passion and it shows. He has a vast knowledge of the history, social culture and norms, the complexity of the music and it’s relationship to the dance and the psychology of the dance – all the reasons I became entranced with it myself. I got a full hour of instruction and at the end a recap of what I’d learned during the lesson, some homework both verbally and via email which was very helpful both for remembering and for accountability. I currently have a sedentary desk job which requires me to sit hours and hours a day and I struggle with stiffness and holding tension in my body. David helped me to keep coming back to relaxation by bringing awareness to it. I was very happy and will be going back.

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