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Passionate, sensual and instinctive, Argentine tango is the most captivating dance of modern times.

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Learning Argentine tango for fun, connection, creativity

We always post our classes on the Austin Tango community calendar and on our Tango Tribe calendar.

Industrial Oaks Blvd and W Hwy 290


Only one mile west of Mopac (Loop-1) on the westbound Service Road of WEST Hwy 290/71 in southwest of Austin, the Oak Hill area. EASY on/off going east/west on West Hwy 290 or north/south on Mopac. NW corner of WEST US Hwy 290 service road and Industrial Oaks Blvd.

5446 West Hwy 290 service road, Suite 105, Austin TX 78735

  • When heading home, if you want to go toward town, exit the side parking lot onto Industrial, then go under the overpass and turn left.
  • Using in-car GPS, set Destination to Intersection of Industrial Oaks Blvd and West Hwy 290.
  • Going south on Mopac (Loop 1) take the West Hwy 290/71 exit and stay in the right lane to take the first EXIT: Monterey Oaks Blvd/Industrial Oaks Blvd. Just under a mile from the exit, at the first stop light, on the far corner you will see Austin Business Park and the Tango Tribe sign (under DONUT TACO PALACE). We are in Suite 105, to the left of the “Palace”.
  • Going west on West Hwy 290, take that same exit and proceed as above.
  • Going east on West Hwy 290 you will take that same exit then turn left (NOT the U-turn lane; use the 2nd lane) under the highway, and you’re there!
  • Going north on Mopac (Loop 1) take the WEST 290/71 Sunset Valley exit. Cross Hwy 290, turn left and stay on the frontage road for one mile, and you’re there!

We take a different approach to producing results in HOW WE WORK, and we discuss our ideas in our blog WALKING ABOUT.

Promoting Movement Arts with RENTALS.

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