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Passionate, sensual, and instinctive, the Argentine tango is a most captivating dance. Discover how we become clear, comfortable, creative dancers.

We hold sessions by appointment at our home studio in southwest Austin and elsewhere by special arrangement.

No “teacher tell; student do.” We serve as guides, partners in learning. By applying mind-body methodologies to guided explorations, we experience a range of possibilities. Actually multiple, context-dependent ranges. In this way, we discover our sweet spot for each situation. We recognize when we drift out of the sweet spot. We learn how to adjust to give our best to the widest range of partners.

The passions that guide our dancing, learning, and coaching are 1) connections with the music, 2) energetic connection with ourself and our partner, and 3) creative exploration of movement possibilities.

Come, take a fun trip with us.

Group Class Information here.
Private lessons by appointment.

Learning Argentine tango for fun, connection, creativity

We take a different approach to producing results in How we work, and we discuss our ideas in our blog Walking about.

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