Tango Lexicon bootcamp

Tango Lexicon bootcamp by Mitra & Dave, of Oxygen Tango, Los Angeles Friday-Saturday January 20-21, 2016 Austin, Texas NOTE: Friday time and venue change. Saturday start times changed. ALSO! No pre-registration or payment required. Pay what you will, when you will. This is for you. EVENT: REGISTER: Learn more: Originality and inventiveness have always been at the heart of the Argentine Tango. And creativity thrives on clear constraints. Learning tango may seem an endless expanse of new elements to master. Ochos, paradas, boleos, giros, sacadas, barridas, ganchos, colgadas, volcadas, piernazos, soltadas … how many more things are there to learn? You may feel you need to grasp the WHOLE picture before getting creative. Happily, the whole picture is simple, elegant, and easy to work with. Tango has a deep structure that often goes unnoticed. This internal DNA of tango figures holds ALL possibilities of moving with four legs. Actually, a tiny number of basic elements – 24, to be precise – can create an infinity of danceable moments. The tango lexicon is a new system that gives an easy way to remember every possible distinct structural situation in tango – a name that both describes what it IS and what it can CONNECT to. It will help you remember and record tango combinations, talk about them, and invent completely new things when you practice with it. Once you understand it, you can unleash potentially explosive originality and creativity when you dance. NOTE: We recommend that you have a basic working knowledge of parallel and crossed systems, and front-cross, open, and back-cross steps in order to make the most of this workshop. The four workshops, Friday-Saturday, January 20-21, 2016, Austin, Texas FRIDAY: Ben Hur Shrine Temple on Rockwood 1: The Five Parallel System Translations – Friday, 7:30 pm You’ll be able to go right from the workshop to the Always Elegant milonga (usual payment) in the ballroom next door. All of Saturday at the Balance Dance Studio. 2: The Four Crossed System Translations – Saturday, 1:00 pm 3: The Six System Changers – Saturday, 3:45 pm 4: The Nine Sacadas – Saturday, 5:30 pm Mitra and Dave have been exploring tango together since 2007, practicing regularly, taking workshops together, and exchanging ideas about the structure and technique of tango. The Tango Lexicon is one creative outcome of the past five years of collaborative process. Full Program, All Four Workshops: $100 Pay what you will. REGISTER: Send email to

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