Can you feel me?

Drawing of a man looking over his right shoulder with a pained expression.

We were practicing a move, but a crucial send-receive signal wasn’t working. If we’d been with someone who had this bit of lead-follow well wired, I’d have had them lead me so I could gain clarity on how the lead should feel.

With no outside assistance, we hit upon another way to gain this information!

I demonstrated the desired movement. They reproduced the movement solo. Seeing that the action looked good, we took up an embrace. Instead of me leading the move, they did it on their own while I sensed via the embrace what was going on in their body. I was passive in not giving any lead indication but active in feeling what was happening.

Then we free danced, randomly including the desired movement with me actively leading it. We found that with our calibration exercise, the send-receive now had clarity and produced the desired results.

An example for the utility of having a fair level of competence as both a follower and a leader.

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