Making dance fundamentals fun

How to make fundamentals classes more appealing.

Musicality is not an advanced topic. Music is foundational to why we dance at all. Music is an external reflection of our own internal rhythms. For me it is the first Connection of dance.

That satisfaction of accomplishment, learning figures, that others mention? Students can have that and more as they learn how even the simplest of movements–weight changes in place, across a distance, and interrupted weight changes–plus great intention (from both sides of the embrace!) can produce fun with a partner and with the music.

Improvisation from the start. How amusing, or befuddling, for a student to hear, “Tango is an improvisational dance,” and then the first thing we learn is a figure!?

Teaching movement with music. Teaching that with every single step we have choices–continue as we were, do nothing, or do something different.

Give students a full course of the fundamental movements of tango, and the intentions that provoke them, well connected to personal feelings for the music and its structure. Then you will have clear, comfortable, creative dancers who are well prepared to explore figures from either side of the embrace.

What do you *you* think?