Randy, Rowdy, and Uncouth

No, those aren’t the guys in The Original South Austin Jug Band. Randy, rowdy, and uncouth was what I thought of the writing in The Luv Doc columns of The Austin Chronicle those few shocking times I chanced to dip into it in the past.

But then something happened, I read an entire column, and wound up saying to myself, “Hmm, behind all that sound and fury there’s some really sound advice. I started reading it regularly and found that they all have a core of wisdom. The Luv Doc is now my second favorite advice columnist, after Carolyn Hax of the Washington Post, with smut added for salacious comic effect.

But to be serious for a moment and get to the point. that column boiled down to one sentence, “I would further guess that if you were to match his affections with those of your own, you might ease some of the insecurity that fuels his behavior,” that expresses a universal truth. Whether it’s dancing Argentine tango, negotiating a deal, having a conversation, or showing a partner affection, when we match each other we have greater chances of enjoying success.

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What do you *you* think?