What am I forgetting?

When do I tend to forget? Let these situations trigger heightened awareness.

  • Dancing with or for the teacher?
  • Dancing with someone perceived to be of much higher or lower status or skill.
  • Dancing with someone who presents challenges, good or bad.
  • When I am feeling judged.
  • When I’m tired.
  • When it’s the same old, same old.
  • When I’m too eager.
  • When I haven’t thoughtfully warmed up.
  • When I feel distracted.
  • When I am showing off.

I seek always to remember to:

  • Connect with the music, including the pauses and energy and mood changes.
  • Connect with my partner. Giving time to finish movements, express intentions. Protecting their and my own axis. Matching energy.
  • Build and test our connection over time. Don’t assume.
  • Reconnect with my partner. Recognizing as soon as things go less than good.
  • Use all the dimensions of dance: size, speed, elevation, dynamics, big-small, fast-slow, loud-quiet.
  • Draw (not pull!) my partner into spaces with energy and intention. Step fully into my axis between movements. Pivot fully to my partner. Pivot! Don’t allow feet to get stuck pigeon-toed.
  • Lead and follow with my “heart-light”.
  • Allow my embrace to slide and expand-contract with elasticity to accommodate movement.
  • Use moments of simplicity and quiet, still, small, and simple to dramatic effect.
  • Help my partner to feel safe and comfortable in mind and body (even when challenged).
  • Dance for, as well as with my partner, and they for us.
  • Make our shared experience feel rewarding (even when challenged).

What do you *you* think?