Be a body detective

“Oh, heck! I’ll never get.” “I’m not built right for this.” “I’ve always been too tight.” Versus, “Hm, I wonder why that happened?” “How come

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“How does that work?” From the class you took, or the video or performance you saw. “Why isn’t my partner doing . . . ?”

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The Tango Keypad

This is a derivation of the Tango Lexicon developed by David Lampson and Mitra Martin of Oxygen Tango in Los Angeles. I feel grateful for

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Tango warmup play

Weight a minute! I test you, you test me. * For groups of two or more. * Take a relaxed forearm-to-forearm hold [1][2] with your

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Record album cover for ANTICIPATION with Carly Simon standing, legs astride, arms out wide holding onto large gate leaves.


Summary — After presenting the problem we give two exercises to help both leaders and followers discover how to wait in quiet anticipation. “Anticipation” by

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