A couple dancing, viewed from the leader's back, featuring the follower's face in quiet repose.

Embracing mindfulness

The embrace forms the foundation of our dance. Our mindful approach to creating and maintaining a quiet, comfortable, meaningful embrace will carry our dance together to new places.

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Holding space

Directing our movement by giving and taking away space, plus being *with* our partner by holding space for them.

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What am I forgetting?

When do I tend to forget? Let these situations trigger heightened awareness. Dancing with or for the teacher? Dancing with someone perceived to be of

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Bill Plake on Practice

My underlinings from You’ll Never “Waste” Time Practicing As Long As You Are Doing This, October 14, 2018 by Bill Plake. [Substitute “Dance” for “Instrument”

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Tango Christmas tree

Spirals make up the structure of our natural world, from immense galaxies to our own minuscule DNA. Unlike primitive robots with joints attached at right

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